Tuesday, August 22, 2006


aka Mary Ann Cracker :-}

I don't like it. That's all I wanted to report. Well it IS roomier, quieter (no 10.9 decibel snorage) and there's no cover stealing going on. . . . the house isn't a meat locker. . . .got to watch whatever I wanted on TV. Still. Can't like it. Roomier isn't always good. No snoring IS always good but I'll take the noise. Did I say that??? The trade-off on TV is he watches what he wants and tickles my hair. It's a gooooooood thing. Unfortunately it's usually the History Channel. Blech. He needs TV at night more than I do anyway. I remember working.

I imagine Barbara Mandrell would approve.

I have to say I'm liking this bloggie thing. Enjoying the creative outlet, and thanks Diva for the kind words. Visit anytime, comment often ;-) not just with compliments but anything that comes to mind.

Speaking of Barbara Mandrell (well this is how my mind works anywaysssss be very charitable with your thoughts) I was listening to Dixie Chicks on the way home yesterday and a thought plunks itself right smack center stage in my little brain. My sister-in-law and I are Mary Ann and Wanda. Well arrright let me clarify we have NOT murdered Earl uh or anyone else I should hastily blurt. And we didn't go to high school together. We weren't members of 4H or the FFA but I was Mary Ann and she was Wanda and although let me just right now pause this story to assure you her toxic ex-husband is still kickin', my sister in law didn't shed her Earl as quickly as did Wanda, God love 'er. Life ain't a 4:18 minute hit song, needer.

Sometime if you're cruisin' through Georgia and you see two ol' broads sellin' Tennessee ham and strawberry jam on a roadside stand stop and say hey.

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