Friday, August 25, 2006


"Y'all know I'm not a shopper." This is what comes out of my yap when a girlfriend invites me on a girl shopping day. "I'll meet you for lunch." And it's true. I don't shop often, I don't shop socially, I don't enjoy shopping, for the most part I don't shop mainstream spots, I surely don't shop more than necessary and actually, the accurate term for what I do is not shopping, it's gathering. Plucking even. arrrrrighttah. . . . unless it's shoes. . . .

But. You know there's always a big but. I am direly, dearly, deliciously head over 4" heels in LOVE with consignment sales. They are the absolute PERFECT form of shopping for childrens' things. PERFECT. perfect. Let me say it again. PERFECT. Their attributes are too many to name. It's the perfect set-up for all. It gives me chills.

I buy clothes, shoes, toys, books, videos, DVDs, games, costumes, coats, and sporting goods for the boys. Occasionally I find clothes for myself on the junior's rack. A good washing in hot water with the extra addition of a capful of Lysol and a triple rinse takes care of everything including my peace of mind.

They're twice a year. Spring and Fall. Well. Tis the season, tis the season. Happy shopping.

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mooncrazy said...

tie - are you letting anyone else know you have a blog?

I like it you certainly did catch on fast my friend. It is like posting on HTE - same way you add links.....easy peasy.