Thursday, May 24, 2007


Wow, I have missed THIS. I have a friend who says Life Is What Happens While You're Making Plans. Sometimes I think (I wouldn't give my handsome husband the satisfaction of telling him but) my hubby lives by this credo because he flies by the seat of his pants Holy SMOKES I don't know how he skins by or whether it's that he's perked it down to something that's an oiled engine for him or whether the Sprytes are awatchin' over him, but somehow he slides through life with a minimum of late fees, lost keys, and missed appointments. As for the oiled engine it's plausible as an simile-esque example only but in reality no. I think the "add windsheid solution" blinkie has been blinking on the Volvo for two years. We won't travel there today.

He's never forgotten our kids anywhere. that i know of

The point is I make plans. I plan for time to make plans. It soothes me, it makes me happy, calm, eeeeeasy. Gives me a peaceful easy feelin'. (Yep I'm that old and I AM a fan.....) I want to know by Wednesday what I'm doing on Friday night. Saturday night. Vacation this summer. RETIREMENT. The funeral. Eternity. (Well I already know that, praise God.) Anyhoosie, you get the drifffff. In Ronny terms, I have a corncob up --------ok. When we first got married, (well you know you appreciate your differences then) the Ronny term for my corncob-ed-ness was "she likes to plan ahead which is good because I - well, I really - sort of - don't".

Now. The key there is "I - sort of - don't." I heard it. But I was so blinded by his incredible beauty and OH OH OHHHHuHuHuhhhhho those legs and that hiney *sigh* well and that thick back and wiiiiiiiide shoulders well who just cared? Plan shman. I was twenty. Plus, and, also, it was cute when he said it then. He cocked his head a little and sucked in one corner of a lip and that dimple got deeper, his big brown cow eyes glistened, then he stood hipshod and all that unbeknownst to himself. See he dint even plan his own sexiness. THAT........ is such a frackin' turn on. Big ol' lug.

So now we're twenty six years later, the first seventeen years just the two of us. Inseparable but independant. When you're two, both work, big delicious careers, each others' baby, go your own way during the day, do things your own way, come together after work enjoy each other, respect each others' independence have courtesy for the others' preferences, yada yada.

Then you have babies and you're not each other's baby anymore.


Schedules matter planning matters communicate work it out write it down make a list copy the list it takes Outlook Palm Pilots SmartPhones Pocket PCs Synching Laptops Thumbdrives Charts meetings reconoiter IT TAKES A VILLAGE, PEOPLE!!!!

says me.

says Ronny and the sprytes . . . it'll be fine. I'll find out the schedule a few minutes before I need to know it I'm doing something else right now can't stop. And I'll meetcha there. I'll bring the cooler and the Powerade, be there by the bottom of the second, and if he forgets his jockstrap I prolly have one under the backseat somewhere. No worries baybee.

Fffffffffphft. What do you say to that? There just isn't a response no response atall. As my #1 son said one time to his little brother who had just rubbed his last nerve, "just pack your toopcase and go on your own journey." Definately on his own journey, my handsome husband.

Here's the thing. I appreciated that journey when I met him. The two of us are so constantly reinventing our dynamic, our relationship, and now we're reinventing that part, so that's what I'm working on - re-appreciating that part of my handsome husband. I keep thinking about Madonna and other artists that reinvent themselves frequently. Always appreciated them for the ability to do that, and of all the couples we know who seem to have a 'constant' relationship where nothing seems to change, things seem to always be so static over the years, I feel so sorry and worried. (You thought I was gonna say envious didncha!) But how can it happen!?? Things change, times change, everything changes - - - -

OK so. Where did things shake out. What fell to the bottom. Here's where I am. I was watching Barack Obama's wife - Michelle, I think - being interviewed by Robin Roberts the other day. This was NOT an accident. This comment that she made was for my ears and my ears only. If you heard it more the better for you, but it was intended for moi. She was discussing their life, she and Barack, and their differences and their busy schedules and how she was the stable influence, the planner in their relationship, that liked repetition and schedules, and he was always the one that was never afraid to try something new, risky, different. So she said, "If I wanted to be able to have family dinner around the table at six o'clock every night, I should've married someone else. But I wanted Barack more."

That's profound. Simple. But profound.

So that's life! And that's what's happening while I'm making plans..... maybe. Still love my plans, but guess what. I can take my pocket pc with me anywhere - or leave it at home. One planner plus one free spirit with a great derriere makes a great balance I say. Gives two kids a great scope.

So I have to go. I'm watching the free spirit swing a hammer. Ooooooooh. Turning the Smart phone off now.........