Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Job. or. If I had a brain.

Occasionally I daydream (we will agree to call it planning for the future) about the perfect job. I think about the time that will come when I'm finished raising my children OK DON'T TELL ME YOU NEVER FINISH, what I mean is when they're older, either next year or through high school or at whatever juncture a light bulb blinks on over my head and I am compelled to once again, after 20+ years, return to the work force.

The one that always rises to the top, my favorite dream job of all, surfaces the same every time. I would be a Personal Chef. Well, Personal COOK since I'm not a chef. (Learned that lesson through the catty, elitist comments of the TRUE *eyeroll* chefs on Food Network). I need to find a family of great enough means who desires to have a cook, meal planner, grocery shopper, snack fixer, party menu planner. In general someone who is in charge of the kitchen - which, natch, would necessarily be a stainless steel chef's kitchen outfitted with industrial appliances and components and a fridge the size of Texas. The size of the fridge would be diminished only by the size of the pantry.

Early, super early in the morning I'd head to the farmers market to gather fresh fruits and vegetables. I'd have to have the family's breakfast planned and readied before I left so when I got back I could cook a fresh, hot breakfast for all. A couple of times a week I would have to make a stop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, then a quick run-in at the Natural Food Market once a week or so. Last but not least, I'd stop in at the local organic farm for eggs and meat.
I would spend time each day planning menus, meals, and snacks according to the family's schedule, activities, events, health issues, and preferences. I would have the pantry and fridge stocked with healthy grab-em snacks and drinks.
After dinner was prepared and sitting on ready, I would retire with my cookbooks, laptop, tomorrow's schedule, and a cup of hot tea. And maybe an issue of Whole Living.

And then last week, just last week mind you, a thought so terrifying, so satisfying, incredibly confusing and laughable occurred.


It's such an irony and it strikes so quickly it makes me shake my head and stop dead in my tracks. I. Have. My. Dream. Job.

So why don't I recognize when I've already got it all? What's the deal with the daydreaming errrrrr, planning for the future? I'm saying it's God's way of making me recognize, on my own time and by allowing me to process information at a speed and depth which my pea brain can absorb, that my God, so great is His wealth of glory in Jesus Christ, that he will fully supply every need of mine. Philippians 4:19.

So if you will excuse me, I have to get back to my job. I've grown slightly fond of the family I'm working for.