Monday, August 28, 2006


My Jr. Mint started school today. He was ready. Reeeeeeally ready. Nine o'clock couldn't come fast enough for him. He got out of the bed unassisted ~~~ this, a feat on its own merit. I was ready for a little hesitation to hit him from out of nowhere on the way to school, but newwwwwp. He was anxious. The dropoff line was moving at a snail's pace, the kids being dropped off in front of us were moving in slomo, the Mamas were taking their own sweet time driving away. Finally, finally it was Jr. Mint's turn to leap out of the magic bus and onto the concrete that would set him free for three glorious hours of school, and since today's Monday, two more of Lunch Bunch. Five hours total. His chest swelled up like Superman's and he swiveled around on his heel and hollered "BYE MOM - gotta run!" Gotta run. Gotta run? What is he, a corporate exec? HE'S FOUR!!

This is his last year at preschool. He loves the school, he's confident, it's his turf. He's a big fish in a small pond. Next year he'll go to kindergarten at his big brother's school. He thinks he can't wait. He thinks it'll be great. He thinks he'll be a biiiig boy. He'll think he's drowning in an ocean. I can't think about it today. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Right now I have a whole house to meseff for the first time since May 26th.

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