Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well isn't this cool... a new way to get published, and no editors. I like. Alrighty then. Today is another "searching for lighting" day. Had about enough of it, but we're pressing on until the job is done. If I see brushed nickel again I may just shit brushed nickel but that sounds painful so we'll try to avoid that particular metal today. Again.

My handsome husband told me about a yummy dish that his chef at the cafe from work cooked for him yesterday, so I plan to cook it this weekend. Phyllo wrapped salmon steak with mushroom pate. Ummy yummy. Dangerous trying to replicate something that Chef does, but we'll accept the challenge.

On a closing note, I wish Patsy Ramsey were here to enjoy today.


doodles said...

ya know I just think you are the best.....YOU STARTED A BLOG!!!!!

I love it.....yeah I too wish patsy ramsey was here but she is in some way I am certain.

Go to and see if they have that salmon recipe.

love ya babe

tiedye said...

Had to. Only way I could comment on YOURS!! Har. I've been being bugged to start one for years so this was the final push.
I wish you could meet Ronny's chef oh my you would kidnap him Doo.