Tuesday, August 29, 2006


"What are we gonna do for the Labor Day weekend????" Both sons and my husband have asked me the question more than once. Everybody asks ME the question. Why? Because I'm the only one in this fambly that plans anything. DH is taking Friday off as a comp day for going to Canada last week, so we have an extra day, making it a four day weekend instead of a three day weekend. Gosh that sounds sooooo much better. But. You know there's always a big but. The day before school started, my three male humanoids came at me with a leetle Aveda card worth an aqua/stone massage and a facial that was a gift "for all the hard work this summer". I scheduled it for Thursday night. That's how MY Labor Day weekend will kick off. I dunno 'bout dem.

Friday the shortest two males are in school and I'm spending the day with the tallest one. ;-)

Friday night we're camping out in the back yard. There were rumblings about taking a camping trip over this long weekend. I heard 'em. They didn't think I heard 'em, but I did. I heard 'em. So I'm nipping it in the bud. NIP IT. Ya gotta NIP IT in the buuud.

Saturday we're going to see a movie, then I'm putting hubbers to work. The honey-do list is lonnnnnnnnng.

Sunday is church. Sunday afternoon we try not to plan.

And Monday? My plan for Monday is to let them plan it.

That's the extent of my planning. I'm calling it a lock-in, because the entire four days is gonna be spent at home. We're not going out of town, we're not planning a trip, we're not inviting anyone to spend the weekend with us, no big party, no entertaining, nuttin'. Just us'ns. What a novel idea.


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