Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Some days are gifts. Technically each day is a gift but some days, more than your regular days, . . . . . . . . . . ok this ain't goin' where I want.

Every now and again I get a day, sandwiched between two "get up and do it all again" days, where it seems the Girlfriend Goddesses have looked down, waved their wands and tilted their tiaras my direction. Slipped a Glorious Girlfriend Day in just for me.

I got one of those today. And I'm getting another one tomorrow. My #1 son's mantra is "treasure your time". He began saying it when we had a discussion about how he would get gloomy when it was close to time to leave Jumpits or Pump it Up or American Adventures or the pool or (insert any fun place here) and all he could think about was how pitiful he was because it would soon be time to leave, instead of how much fun he was having and how glad he was he'd gotten to go. I would tell him to treasure the time he got to spend and make every minute count instead of being gloomy about the time we had to leave.

So I'm treasuring my time. Can't believe I'm getting two girlie days in a row. Must be living right. Sumthin.

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The Lesko Family said...

Enjoy your "girlfriend days-" I have the pleasure of being the co-advisor of a hs cheer squad with my best friend. We just started, but it makes me look forward to going in the morning - how fun!