Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This evening as my handsome husband was going in and out of the house to cut wood for the hardwood floors he's installing, he was besieged by all manner of insects - mosquitos and no-see 'ums mainly but others joined the party here and there. He was quite flusterated, as my Aunt Pearl used to say, and so as he passed through the kitchen mumbling ugly words under his breath and scratching, I stuck a Bounce dryer sheet in his back shorts pocket, explaining that it would keep the bugs away and he wouldn't have to apply bug spray (which bothers his skin).

So Mr. Fixit trots back outside and saws a few more planks in half, comes in and installs them, does it all again, then doubles back into the kitchen and pulls the Bounce sheet out of his pocket with a wild, dramatic flair, pinching his nose up with the other hand, and says, I can't handle this STINKS.

"That's what makes it work honey," I said. "Don't you think it's better than having to spray that bug spray all over your skin?"

"Well, I guess so, but.. but..well, can't we get them in unscented or something?"


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The Lesko Family said...

Oh, that is too funny... they never listen, do they! lol! You have me giggling!