Thursday, October 08, 2015

ANOTHER ONE ALREADY???? But I just did one......

Whole 30 that is. More accurately I did a Whole 21, owing fully to the demonic tummy bug I acquired at day 20.  Spent overmuch time in the bathroom and that's all we'll say about that. Use your imagination.  By day 21 I was so hungry I could've eaten the ass-end out of a ragdoll with no salt. No Whole30 approved food was appetizing or gentle and bland enough, and I craved saltines and Gingerale.  Dreamed of them in my sick, fever induced sleep. So by day 21 I caved.  Over the course of Day 21 I nibbled an entire sleeve of saltines and sipped 24 ounces of Gingerale.  Which was unfortunate, because Whole30 is not forgiving. Once you've cheated, you've blown it. Back to square one.
Over the next few days as my queasy tummy and digestive system recovered from the flu that had torn them up like a Vitamix on high speed, I continued to imbibe with Whole30 forbidden foods like yogurt, pudding, pasta, and chicken and rice soup, babying my gut as it healed.  During that time I noticed that a few symptoms that had been steadily improving during the 21 days of my Whole30 took a turn and returned to the way they were prior to the start of the Whole30.  My biggest regret about quitting at day 21 (even though it couldn't have been helped) was not getting to follow through with the elimination process by adding foods back one at a time in order to pinpoint which ones were culprits.  I had even noticed, by day 20, that symptoms I didn't even realize I HAD were improving. For example I thought I just had peely skin between and just under my eyebrows because, well just because. It's always been that way.  I never gave a thought to the itchy-skin-after-I-showered syndrome and several other things that had just always been part of the me-ness of me.  It's like if you've never had air conditioning, you don't miss it, but once you get it you don't want to be without it.

So. I'll spend the next few days preparing my psyche, planning menus, and grocery shopping.  Then I'll pinpoint Day 1.  This time, since I've learned a few things from having wholly participated in 21 days of a Whole30, the going should be smoother and easier.  In addition, I have some ideas forming about how to take notes during the process this time that should aid in the conclusion making process once it's over and I begin adding food groups back in one by one.

And one more thing.

I DON'T WANT TO HAVE DAIRY SENSITIVITIEEEEEES!!!!  Uuuuuugchk gah.  I luzz my yogurt and my cheese.  I've a sneaky feeling things aren't going to go my way on that one though.  And if it means doing without dairy in order to achieve better health, I'm in.  I'm ALL in.  I know people who aren't right and they know they aren't right, and they make no effort whatever to do anything about it.  
Whether it's physiological problems, disease, ills, pain, or emotional/mental problems, disease, ills, and pain, my mantra is the same as it is about politics.  If you don't vote, you don't get to complain. And if you don't take care of your body and your mind and your heart by listening to it and making moves towards improvement or awareness, you don't get to whine about how bad you feel OR make snide remarks about others in order to make yourself feel better.  Then act all innocent and as if you "didn't mean anything by it" when you get busted.

I guess you can tell I've had a bad experience with someone lately huh.  Yep, I'm bitter. I'm bout ready to cut that particular cord because I'm tired of being bitter about it. That relationship might have to be one of the things I eliminate with the next Whole30.  That's gonna be tougher than giving up yogurt.  But sometimes you just have to get rid of the toxins.

Tah y'all! Take care of yourselves.

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