Tuesday, September 24, 2013


You didn't know eagles enjoyed 'em some tater salad, didja.

Tonight there is an Eagle Court of Honor for Scouts who have attained certain accomplishments or reached specific goals.  It's always a pot luck family affair.  The troop leader's wife knocks herself OUT getting it together, bringing the necessary paper and plastic goods, drink coolers, tablecloths, centerpieces, and other basics.  Leaders arrive early to set up tables and chairs and others decorate them.

Tonight I won't be going.  Have to work until too late to get there on time.  I did, however, make potato salad for the masses.  I washed, cut up and boiled a sinkful of potatoes, diced pickles and onions, boiled, peeled and chopped eggs,  and made dressing.  There were so many potatoes I had to lay them out on an enormous tray to cool and sit them under a fan.  While they were cooling I contemplated how to add all the other ingredients (four cups worth) and the dressing (three cups) and get it all mixed together well without tearing the potatoes up.  I hate when that happens.  That's potato salad soup.  Eww.

It was during this time of contemplation that a brilliantly clever idea began to form in my lil pea brain.  So here's my advice for next time you have to make a boatload of tater salad.  Leave the potatoes on the tray and sprinkle the diced ingredients on top, then pour the dressing over in a zig zag fashion.  Then use a spatula to turn it over juuuuuuuust enough times to get it mixed.  Worked like a CHARM. Then I used the spatula to transfer it to a deep (disposable) pan.  Done!  Taters in tact.

Now I only hope my hubby will remember to fix me a plate!

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