Friday, January 04, 2008


HELLO in 2008!

Long time no see. Where ya been? Hmmmmmm, kidding. ;- )

Okay so earlier this morning as I was doing the earthshaking but olfactorily and (obviously, duh)sanitarily necessary task of pottie swabbing (and for those who have boys, remind me to tell you about the new pottie seat I got. It's a must. . .) I was perusing the ol' thinker for signs of interest in New Years Resolutions. Late, yes. Normally I don't go for them. Yesterday howsomever I began to twiddle with the idear. Twiddled some more around in the gray matter last night when I awoke at 3:30am to the sound of Jr Mint talking in what I thought was his sleep but it turned out he was wiiiiiide awake.

HELLL-lllo he said when I tiptoed into his room.

I jumped. "Why are you awake?"

Because I'm fweezing. Bwuddah stole all da cuvahs.

They were having a sleepover in #1 son's bed. Their Dad set them up to watch Osmosis Jones on his laptop lying in the bed, then they decided to camp out together for the night. Ahhhhh, Christmas vacation.

So stea- errrr, take some back!

I caaaaaan't, he's lying on them. He won't BUDGE. He's like a BWICK, Mmmmmom.

So you're just lying there, freezing, talking to yourself.

Uh huh.

Ohhhhh-ba kay-ba, well if you decide you want to warm up, let me know how you think you might could solve this big ol' house......with several bedrooms......and lotsa beds...... See ya.

So, back in my (warm) bed, (with lotsa covers pulled up) I flipped the TV on and while I cursed past all the informercials I started thinking about resolutions and why it was that the word and the deed stuck like a hairpin somewhere between my medulla and my oblongata. So I looked it up. Miriam says resolute means to be 1. resolved and 2. bold and steady, then she defines a resolution simply as the act or process of resolving.

VOILA! THERE's my prollem! The New Year's resolution is only the first step. If a resolution is the act of resolving, then that only takes a split second. "I'm going to --BLAH--." Take your pick of vices -quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, read more, sit less, walk more, clean your car more, spend time with your family more, spend time on the computer less, spend less money, save more money, ever noticed how all or most all end in LESS or MORE? Hmm. A trend.

The biggest part of this exercise isn't the resolution itself. It's being resolute the REST of the year. Hunh. Gooooo figure. Maybe that's why normally I don't go for them. Maaaaaaan I love it when I can figure out little tidbits of my goofy self. Baby steps, woman, baby steps.

Arright. So. Now you're laughing and rolling your eyes, further proof that crackers really are as dumb as you've always thought, because people have known this about resolutions for centons, you say. Well, simple simon here, clearly, no. Takes me awhile to catch on.

So the bottom line is, I have one. I have been thinking about it for awhile, and I'm going to commit to it. I haven't done it in years, this resolute-tion thing, but I'm going to take it seriously. This one doesn't take any giant will power, it's not physical, won't require dietary changes or exertion on my part (although I ought be doin' all that too) but I know myself and one thing at a time is my mantra.

It's gonna take all the gray matter my medulla oblongata can spare. Changing a habit always does.

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