Monday, December 18, 2006


I don't like my new format. I have tried to like it but I'm having no success. Mainly I've tried liking it so diligently because I don't wanna take the time to go back and choose another one. It's sooooooo harrrrrrrd. It's sorta like picking a ding dang paint color, not something I can do quickly, and so I drag my feet even going to that screen because it's like the little pebble that initiates the avalanche. . . the first domino . . . the first HA in the HA HA game. But do it I must, because this new format ith not me. Too dahhhk, dahhhlink. It's preeeeety but ith just not me.

While we're on the can't like it jag, I'll just mention that I'm not liking these folks going out in the freezing cold wilderness for sport. I don't CARE if they're experienced mountain climber whatever they are's, I demand they all stop. Can't we all get the HINT now that so many have lost lives in the cold? If we have the wanderlust for this sport is there a virtual one that would suffice please? Geezle pete.

That's all I have not to like at this moment. Otherwise I'm good.

One thing I found out this weekend I doooo like verra verra much. Grapefruit juice and vodka. Thank you sister-in-law.

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doodles said...

get rid of it .......... it's ugly way ugly....not pretty like you and what you write. Didn't change and WON'T. I am such a stubborn ole poop!! So there!

I do not understand why anyone, especially experienced anyones would go out and risk their lives as well as the others that must now go look for them. Oh my I'm whining I'm gonna go. Cause I have resisted big time writing about this...sorry.

grapefruit and vodka are yummy with a teeny splash of pomengranate juice ;)